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High tide

The tidal area, that is to say, the area of the coastline that becomes exposed at low tide, is the ideal place to observe marine flora and fauna and the ecological processes taking place on the rocky bottoms. This is a low-key tour, but appropriate footwear is essential if we want to spare ourselves any slips. Above all, it provides an excellent opportunity to breathe in the sea breeze

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Flyboard is the new hype. And it is no surprise, since this water sport promises amazing sensations. The possibility of flying over water, diving into it and making all sorts of flips becomes a reality with this sport. Only watching one of the many videos available online it will become clear that Flyboard makes for a unique experience. In October 2012 the first ever World Championship took place in

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Leisure activities in the ocean

Tenerife boasts wide opportunities to experience leisure activities in the ocean. The island’s great environmental diversity makes it the perfect scenario for the practice of such activities. The northern coast, with heavy swell pounding against the rocks, holds excellent surfing opportunities. Surfers will really dig the waves of the El Arenal beach – halfway in between Bajamar and La Punta del Hidalgo – or the Almáciga beach in Taganana.

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Coastal landscapes of Tenerife

The island of Tenerife shows three clearly distinct watershed that are differentiated by their geomorphologic and landscape features. From a common volcanic origin, each area of the island is unique in terms of their age and geological history, their exposure to wave action and whether or not recent lava flows have occurred, filling up eroded spaces in the coastline. Within this diversity, three areas stand out due to their

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Whale Watching

The South and Southwest of Tenerife meets special environmental conditions that allow for the presence of cetacean populations, which can easily be seen throughout the year. This has originated an important low-impact and sustainable source of income for the island. Whale Watching has become a major tourist attraction, generating significant annual revenue as well as creating many jobs, both on the boats and on the ground. In several ports

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Scuba diving in Tenerife

The island of Tenerife offers a wide range of scuba diving options, with attractive diving spots where a wealth of biodiversity in shallow waters can be seen. The Northern coast, dominated by a steep rocky sea bed, has developed in certain areas an arid yellow landscape due to the presence of algae, underneath which a variety of environments as sandbanks, caves, changes of height and rocky platforms with gorgonian

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